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Marathon starts on 20th September 2019 at 7 pm and ends on 22nd September 2019 at 7 pm.

PRE-PARTY on the 19th of September in Casa Valencia Milonga from 22:00 pm to 2:00 am

The AFTER-PARTY will take place in Susurro on Sunday 22th of September from 20:00 pm to 2:00 am

The REGISTRATION FEE is 111 EUR (single registration) or (99 EUR/per person, couple registration) and covers the following:

• marathon entrance fee
• pre&after party entrance fees
• 2 brunches served in the early afternoon (Saturday and Sunday)
• unlimited snacks, veggies, fruits, sweets, water, selected soft drinks, coffee and tea during the entire marathon
• Nespress coffe machine
• French wine and cheese

Our reservation system is TANGOPOLIX.

You will receive an automatic reply to your registration request. Applications will be reviewed,  when accepted you will receive a READY FOR PAYMENT  E-mail notification. Payments should be processed within a week.

We offer a discount for couple registrations in order to helps us maintain gender balance. We’ll also apply another criteria:  dance level and geographical distribution.

Barcelona Tango Marathon Programme 2019

Thursday 19th

  • 22:30 – 1:30  Opening party at Casa Valencia Milonga

    (Dj Pepa Palazón  (Buenos aires/Madrid))

Friday 20th

  • 20:00 Registration starts at Orfeo Martinenc

    22:00-4:00 Marc Tomassi, Camille Boucher & Benoit Galindo (El 13 Tango club) (Marsella)

Saturday 21th

  • 12:00 – 13:30  First class with Alexis Quezada  At Salon Pugliese (Class 1)

  • 13:30 – 15h Second class with Alexis Quezada. At Salon Pugliese

  • 1400-19:00 Afternoon  at Susurro with Ezequiel “El Tigre” Sabella

  • 1900-20:30 Open chacarera class with Pam

  • 22:00 – 4:00h Night at Orfeo Martinenc with Goran Nikšić

Sunday 22th

  • 12:00 – 13:30  Third class with Alexis Quezada  At Salon Pugliese.

  • 13:30 – 15:00h Last class with Alexis Quezada. At Salon Pugliese.

  • 15:00-19:00 TDJ Ilias Selalmazidis at Orfeo Martinenc

  • 22:00-2:00 Afterparty at Susurro (TDJ Ana “la Portu” Avila & Olga “La Cachila”)

Monday 23th

  • 21:00-0:00 Afterparty TBD  (TDJ TBC)


Alexis Quezada will give four optional tango workshops specially designed for the marathon participants

  • (SAT) 12:00 – 13:30  The active role of the follower Develop a constant dialog between leader and follower.

  • (SAT) 13:30 – 15h Movement freedom in a close embrace Contact variation to create space

  • (SUN) 12:00 – 13:30 Unexplored potential of the close embrace Experience the embrace as a sensorial, functional and musical way of connecting.

  • (SUN) 13:30 – 15h Rebounds, feints and counterbalances (Inter/ Advanced) The secret of a perfect double time – calm and in time !

  • 1 Workshop price: 22€

  • Two workshop 38€

  • All four workshops 69€



THURSDAY NIGHT 22:00 – 1:30

“Pepa Palazon (Spain/Buenos Aires) organizes one of the most popular milongas in Argentina: “Viva la Pepa! Milonga” for 10 years already and is the creator of the series of tango interviews “I have a question for you”(“Tengo una Pregunta para vos”), which has been going on and promoting the history of Tango for 8 years by now.

As Dj, besides musicalizing in the milonga she organizes in the capital of Argentina she has worked all over the world as well: in Buenos Aires, in milongas like La Cachivachería, Oliveiro Girondo, El Tábano Club, in European milongas (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Munich, London or Lisbon in “A todo Tango”, among others).

On international festivals such as TangoOtoño, Innsbruck Tango Festival, OsterTango Festival in Basel or Santander festival and many others.

And now soon heading to Barcelona!

Traditional in the music selection & outstanding because of the energy she generates in the milonga. Impossible to sit still!!”



FRIDAY 18:00 – 3:00

http://www.el13tangoclub.com (Marsella)

Marc Tommasi

Dancer since 1991, DJ tango since 1996, lived three years in Buenos Aires from 2005 to 2007, speaks Argentine Spanish. DJed over 200 milongas worldwide.
His style is heavily influenced by the milonga of Buenos Aires where the energy and variety are associated with tango poetry to create an emotional bath in which everyone can melt.
His inspirations are Mario Orlando and Horacio Godoy for their accuracy and versatility

Camille Boucher

Sensitive to the pulsations of the ball and fed by his intense experience as a dancer, he composes selections tailored to the circumstances of each milonga to delight dancers.
In each tanda, Camille seeks a balance between tonus and softness. Passionate by tangos of the 20’s to the 50’s, the creation of atmosphere and energy is its « beau souci ».

Benoit Galindo

Benoit proposes a music centered on fast rhythms, drawing mainly from the vast repertoire of the 40’s. He possesses many rare tracks, restored by his own care. He loves combine video animation to the milonga whenever possible.


SATURDAY 14:00 – 20:00

Ezequiel “El Tigre” Sabella hails from the city of Rosario, tango city par excellence, part of the historic triangle of port cities that shaped the Tango, along with Montevideo and the Federal Capital (Buenos Aires).

In 2006, when he was only 22 years old, he began his studies of what is usually called “Tango Dance” and he also started an intense romance that led him to investigate the history of Tango, music, the historical context socio-political where this heritage of humanity is built, its poetry, the great creators, their life stories, who they were and why. Also the cinema, radio and the world of tango in its entirety.

In 2012 he began to explore in the world of the music of milongas, a trade to which he dedicates himself fully since then. He has musicalized in more than half of the provinces of Argentina, making him one of the most federal Djs in the country.

His style, already a personal brand, seeks to sink into the bowels of the traditional Tango of the 40’s, always leaving place for “his beloved” Old Guard, and also for new orchestras.

More info https://ejsabella.wixsite.com/tdjtigre


SATURDAY NIGHT 22:00 – 3:00

“Tango is one of the best things that happened to me, it’s expressive and musical, but also a bit geeky. Being a former physicist with a musical education, it seems all parts of my being participate in my dancing; tango music really moves my body and soul. I try to visualise this whenever I’m dancing, listening, teaching or DJing.

Over time, I got to travel a lot, meet many beautiful people, and share and explore tango music. The only “rule” I follow in DJing is the variety in music choices: emotions, qualities, rhythm and melody. Everything else comes from the dancers’ energy and their feedback.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit most European capitals, having played from Lisbon to Moscow and from Oslo to Naples in marathons, festivals, encuentros and local milongas. I am looking forward to a future full of travelling and exploration!”


Sunday afternoon 14:00 – 19:00

“As long as he is participating as a social dancer in multiple tango events all around Greece/Europe/Galaxy year by year he caught himself playing with the music and experimenting with his dance.
Firstly showed up as a DJ in 2011 in Greece and in 2014 in Romania and since then he started his endless journey of deeply exploring Tango Music.
Since he keeps dancing he observes the dance floor and he tries to catch the dancers’ feelings…
What is actually unique and amazing in his DJ sets is that even he sometimes goes with the flow, although he also surprises the dancers by changing smoothly the mood of the dance floor.
He’d rather play songs from Golden Age but also versions of New Orchestras, while his music style varies from speedy, dynamic, playful, lyrical, romantical items.”


Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Low budget:

Hostel Urbany (300 meters from the main venue)

4Pax shared room with breakfast (30€ night)

6Pax shared room with breakfast (25€ night)

Urbany Young Hostel

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The venue has 3 diferents floors an auditorium with 230 meters of high quality wooden floor and air condition.

The first floor is a bar.



Registration through TANGOPOLIX only.

Registration is selection based. Acceptance criteria depends on  geographic provenance, dance experience and gender.

The Barcelona Tango Marathon is:



Keeping a smooth ronda-friendly.

Thank You for Your participation !

DEAR FOLLOWERS, while registering solo please take into consideration that usually single follower’s registrations outnumber single leaders registrations a lot (unfortunately). Single followers will be placed on the waiting list BUT:

We highly encourage followers to be pro-active and find partners to register with  (try your contacts), we are doing our best to create a nice atmosphere for everyone!


DEAR LEADERS – please do not wait until last moment to register – we invite You to be part of the creation of the heartwarming tango ambience that  Barcelona Tango Marathon is about!

Please note:

  • Participation is not transferable or refundable

* Accommodation, please check the recommendation on the Barcelona Tango Marathon site.
* Travel costs & Insurance

IMPORTANT NOTICE – do not make any travel or/and accommodation arrangements before getting the final confirmation of participation in our marathon– or only in case that You wish to visit our beautiful city in any case.